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The Quippy

The Quippy

The Quippy is a short (250 Character) typewritten message that can be anything positive that you want to have typed up.

Over the years, Quippies have been made for

  • quotes
  • mantras
  • lyrics
  • poems
  • prose
  • affirmations
  • love-letters
  • thank you cards
  • & secret codes

As this is a creative process, when you share your prompt please be sure to specify in the dropdown if your prompt is to be typed up "as-is" or if we have "creative license".

    Shipping & Returns

    Our Shipping policy is simple:

    • Free Shipping for ALL Quippies sent inside of the US .

    Our Refunds policy is simple:

    • If your recipient doesn't love it, we will refund your money no questions asked.

    Care Instructions

    Please note that our typists took great care in making your Quippy and so we hope to educate you on how you best preserve it over time.

    Quippies don't mind being put in wallets, purses, and other carry-alongs. But take care, the ink will wear off when smashed, bent or made wet.

    Quippes prefer to be put in places that people will see over and over again. Some great places are:

    • Fridges
    • Mirrors
    • And they love to be framed!

    With a little bit of special attention, and it really don't take much, we hope that the extra care you take will attract joy for your Quippies for years to come.


    We use antique typewriters with red and black ink capacity.

    We use artist grade paper

    And we use use our own loving hands.


    Width approx 3"

    Length approx 4.5"

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    Please give us a prompt: someone or something you've had on your mind lately. Or dictate what you'd like it to say.
    Please specify if we have creative license to create something unique based on your prompt or if you would like to type up your Quppie as is
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