Get Free Typewritten Words Made and Mailed to Order

Sending your heartfelt words is free, and it always will be.

With that said, many who use our service asked for us to have a place where they can donate via venmo or a donations page to show support for the time and materials.

The Process

Step 1


The fun part.

Using our free order form below, you tell us your name and return address, who your message is addressed to and where to send it, and then what heartfelt message you want typed.

Step 2


After reading your heartfelt message, we craft your words with our hands, artisan paper, and real typewriters.

Then we send your heartfelt message by way of the United State Post Office.

Step 3


Then your recipient will be surprised to receive your heartfelt words in the next 7-10 days.

Upon opening your message they are invited to write you back using our free service to continue the fun.

Get Started!


What happens next?

Once we have read your words, you will recieve a message confirming we have read your message.

In the mean time, you can:

The Fine Print
We are grateful for the opportunity to write your words and we are honored to be trusted with your heartfelt messages. We do our absolute best to get your words made to order and sent out the door. with that said we have a couple policies that we follow before we produce your message. 1) We reserve the right to creative license with any request made of us as a “micro-publisher” and as such we are assume no fault in the event of a typo or the word choice for any/all of your message. 2) we are not here to re-write your novel or your hundred-thousand word love poem; we have publication assitance services for just those creative out-pourings. 3) we have a zero-tolerance policy for hateful or negative messages and as such We reserve the right not type up messages that could be hurtful or harmful to our typists to produce on your behalf and We reserve the right to make that judgement call. We understand that this is the fine print part of our free service and we know that you will understand that we have to protect our selves in providing a free service for your Heartfelt words. when you have any questions regarding your privacy please refer to our policy, or when you have any questions that exceed our FAQ section, please contact us