Poetry Hour Episode 5

Today was a particularly difficult day of poetry, especially being seated with the incredible poetry of Rita Dove.

In this episode of Poetry Hour, we explore the Pulitzer Prize winning poetry from Thomas and Beulah, written by Rita Dove. If you don’t know who she is, do a google search. It will blow your mind what this career poet has been able to do. She is so freaking famous that others have gone so far as to make her “homepage” for her. #goals

The First Poem that we explore was called “The Stroke”, which was particularly unique in its way of looking at what something like a stroke would feel like. It felt like “Death stepped right up to shake his hand, then squeezed until he sank to his knees”. What a description! Later the poet would go on to say, “felt like a being kicked by a mule.” The idea of this kind of pain brought be to think about pain myself:

Poetry has a way of bringing out both the good and the bad emotions, the confusing and the clear. And while the poem “Motherhood” is confusing, as it should be what with it being a dream about losing your baby, inspired me to write the following:

That’s the funny thing about poetry, it has the capacity to explore the darker sides of our psyche as well as that of reality. And on the flip side, poetry also allows us to examine states of mind like confidence or, as Rita Dove’s aptly titled poem, “Jiving”; which in turn empower a poet, like my self, to immortalize a moment in time:

Thank you for joining us for another exceptionally interesting adventure into the world of poetry. When you are interested in exploring more about poetry hour, be sure to subscribe.

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