Poetry Hour Episode #2

Today we focused on enjoying the atmosphere of poetry by starting off with a sip of tea. Yum!

Okay, so after we had a brief follow-up we launched into Jesse Parent’s poetry found in The Noise That Is Not You. I was very grateful to share the poetry from this book. My sister had given me the book sometime ago and it was awesome to explore some of the poetry that my sister is into, you can find her on instagram (@heartlessicequeen).

Anyway, so back to Jesse Parent (ig:@jesseparent; t:@jesseparent; yt: Jesse Parent). This dude has made quite the career for himself as a Internationally acclaimed Slam Poet. And while I had never really had the chance to look into his work until know, I can tell you that the guy has some spirit in him. And you can definitely tell while I was reading his two poems: “The Mythology of Fatherhood” & “Pez”. Parent’s work definitely shows his ability to stay real with you, the listener/audience, but at the same time weave some pretty memorable imagery.

Shoot. One of the images that I felt myself especially gripped by was his use of the word meconium. If you have never hear this word before, it is okay, I hadn’t either. And I ended up looking it up in the dictionary, boy was I surprised. That is why I took some time to make the first poem I for the Poetry Hour title with the word. Thanks to the poem “The Mythology of Fatherhood” I learned the word Meconium.

But poop wasn’t all we talked about. We looked at theme of relationships a little deeper by looking into how Jesse Parent sees his own paternal examples, explicitly his grandfather. And while I can’t say that I know much about his grandfather, I can appreciate his candour and honesty in telling the story of his grandmother’s eulogy, made by his grandfather, through his poem “Pez”. I really enjoyed how he opened this poem, and I loved how he was able to evocate the depth of how difficult relationships can be, like fighting or crash landing planes. I particularly like his like “This was hard love”

I feel for my audience who sat and watched me redraft the poem a second time. And while it isn’t my best work, I know that I did my best to craft something that felt true to me about how being married eight years has been. Thank you in advance for allowing me to finish that poem and make it into something that I am proud to share.

When you have a poet that you want me to look into or you would like to share, feel free to comment below. Or when you have feedback or opinions that might make my content better. I would be happy to hear you out.

Thank you again for joining me for another episode of Poetry Hour.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, when you are interested in exploring more of Jesse Parent’s work… ->http://www.jesster.net/

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