Poetry Hour Episode #1

Poetry Hour Episode #1

Had loads of fun doing our first ever Poetry Hour.

Started things off by setting the mood in the room, drawing down the shades. It is super important when setting the mood for poetry, to make sure that people don’t see you outside waving your hands around or making emotional faces at a typewriter.

Next make sure you have some tea… if you like that kinds of stuff. It keeps your excitement high and your throat and mouth aptly lubed for reading poetry.

The poetry we started with today was reading from Stag’s Leap by Sharon Olds. Great poet, truly enjoyable stuff. The first poem was “The Last Hour”, where we learned that it is important to read the poem twice: once to understand it, a second to feel it. This was an old trick I learned from my days in college.

Afterwards I dug into my big red dictionary to learn about the word eros. We learned that it means a self-fulfilling love, a sensuous love. Wherewith we used this word as the starting title to a poem that I wrote for Poetry Hour. One of our viewers prompted me to take on the topic of love of fate (ig:@djsorenseniii). Well I liked the idea, and I thought that a a self-fulfilling love of fate would be a little bit more interesting of a topic for me. So I wrote the following poem:

Afterwards, we explored some more of Sharon Olds’ poetry. If you want to learn more about her, please do. She is fantastic (https://www.sharonolds.net/).

I then cranked out the next poem after I ran out of tea. It was really dis heartening to have no more tea. So I wrote the following:

Alas, it was nice to end with a final reading from Sharon Olds’ “The Worst Thing” from her book Stag’s Leap. Gripping like the scenery she paints and immense like the topics that she discusses it. Again, I highly recommend her for anyone that is looking for a truly relatable poet.

When there is a poet that you would like to explore, a word that you would like us to examine in the ole’ Webster’s Dictionary, or want to send us some prompts, please do! And we look forward to another edition of Poetry Hour on:

And when you want to send some type written words, visit the home page thepoempros.com and you can send some typewritten words to someone you love.

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