Are you competitive? Do you get writer’s block?

Hi there!

So today’s writing prompt was… let’s see.

What is this a are you competitive?

The Poem Pros Facebook Page

Okay. Hmm. Well…

Oh shoot that’s like the worst thing that happens is when you get going and you run into writer’s block,

I guess, if I am competitive, it’s really self competitive.

So I’ll share this with you guys:

I got writer’s block…

I was trying to rhyme breath with death. It’s so frustrating (implying when you get writer’s block.)

I guess a lot of what I experience, in terms of writer’s block block, is it’s a lot like with your hold your own breath in the water… When you’re trying to accomplish a certain thing, which is to breathe as few times as possible. For the typewriter, you’re trying to create as few errors as possible.

So yeah, I am pretty competitive.

How about you?

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