How to use The Poem Pros Order Form

Transcription below

Hey there!

I’m Alixander, founder of The Poem Pros.

And today, I’m going to show you how to use our order form and get your own typecrafted message sent by mail.

First things first

First, I grab my smartphone.

Then I say ‘OK Google, ThePoemPros.Com

Super handy, right?

Hey look, top result! That’s awesome.

Okay. … While that’s waiting to load…

What you need ahead of time to get started

The order form essentially tells The Poem Pros the three most important pieces of information we need to send your message:

  1. We need your name and your address because when your friend wants to write you back it’s going to be really easy for them to do.
  2. We’re going to need your friend’s name and also their address as well. It’s going to make it super easy for us to send it.
  3. Okay, and then lastly, we need to be able to put something inside the envelope. That’s essentially your message.

Using the form

So let’s go ahead and go through my order form real quick.


(this has changed since first filming)

Well, yeah, that’s what we’re going to do here.

Who is this coming from?

It’s coming from me Alixander.

And what is your mailing address?

For those of you who want to send mail to me…My PO Box is 3721, SLC, UT 84110.

Who’s this for?

It’s for my friend Kim.

And what are we met where we mailing this?

I’ve already got her address. She emailed it to me like a long time ago. So I was able to just dig that up real fast.

What’s the message or what’s it going to be about? PROTIP: use the mic button on your phone.

Oh! The one on the keyboard. It says your messages go here, please limit to 140 characters think Post-it Note size or less.

‘Hey Kim,

Thank you so much for your support. We were so happy to be able to go to the Buskers Festival. It’s people like you who make the world a better place.



Alixander using The Poem Pros Order Form

Okay, sweet!

Proofread your message real quick

Better change the E to an I. My name is A L I X not E X.

Alright, just proofread it real quick. Make sure it looks good.

All right.

Choose to have your message as-is, or give The Poem Pros Creative License to fulfill your order

Will this message be sent as is or do you give creative license to The Poem Pros?

I’m going to send it as is.

(Side Note: The Poem Pros gets its name from being creative about the input that we receive. So if you don’t know what to say, that’s okay! We’ll help out by taking creative license and making something magical. Maybe even a poem… cool, huh?!)

Let us know where you want your email confirmation delivered to.

Where do we send your email confirmation?

Well, obviously we’re going to send it to my email.

Let us know if we have permission to send you blog posts and periodic updates.

And yes, I want to be added to the list of blog subscribers.

Yes. I would like to receive updates by email periodically and then…

Let us know if you want us to inform your recipient that they are going to get something in the mail?

Would you like us to inform your recipient of the message is coming to their mailbox?

Oh and that would be super helpful because then they would know to watch their mailbox. Okay, I’ll go ahead and put in a number real quick.

Alright, awesome.

(Side Note: this is not required, but for some, it is helpful way to let people know that they should expect something soon. Also, we do take your information seriously, and we do not sell your information to anyone nor will we sell your friend’s information. We respect privacy, and we respect your contacts. )

Please make a donation through Venmo, or become a pledged patrons on Patreon

Then it says…

Please consider donating $5 or more after you submit your request your donations cover postage materials typewriter repair is in the time to type craft your message.

It says…

Please donate to our project by a venmo before you support submit your request your support is what keeps the key keys clicking or if you would like to become one of our patreon supporters, please pledge today.

Awesome seeing as I am the poet and I know it I’m going to just keep moving forward and hit submit….

But we do hope that you would donate through venmo or through Patron. Both of them are super easy platforms.

All right, it says

Message Sent


All right, and I just got a confirmation email on my phone that tells me that my order has been received.

What Happens After your order has be submitted

So what happens on the back end?

Well, I take this piece of paper and I would write “The Message.”

Let’s go ahead and bring it up. (Casually checking email)

There it is!

The Keys Start Clicking your message to life

Alright, so now we’re all done!

We got the message completed and it’s inside this the envelope. I put her address right there, under where my hands are so you don’t you see her address. Then, there’s my PO box right there. And I put a stamp on it.

Then, I go ahead and seal it, and we’ll send this off today,

That’s essentially how The Poem Pros works.



Thank you so much for joining me. When you have any questions or concerns, we have a frequently asked questions page, and we look forward to being able to send your messages soon.

From all of us at The Poem Pros….

Have a great day!

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